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    Hey everyone. Sorry I can't seem to find where to report hackers and not sure if there really is any point but some fag was aimbotting now at19h05 South African time hahaha. Name Techcd
  3. ToiletMaster


    Hey everyone. Sorry I can't seem to find where to report hackers and not sure if there really is any point but some fag was aimbotting now approx 10 mins ago 17h20 South African time hahaha. Name mr6247434
  4. First off I am going to straight up apologize for the miscommunication, I was sincerely in the wrong here. When you asked the question I took it as in throwing shade at our other admins as in they are incompetent and did not know what they were doing. My reaction was based off of it being as an attack towards our admin team as a whole which I take pretty seriously because I really do value the rest of the members of RoS as a family and will always stick up for them. Now that this is out of the way I am going to address my outlook on the camping issue as well. Unfortunately the definition of camping is largely up to the individual that is addressing the situations. Obviously some are more heavily adamant about what is camping what is not etc because of it being an "opinionated topic". Now our admin team are made up of very incredible players in my opinion so generally I do trust their decision making on their behalves on what is happening but I will agree is definitely abusable. If there are incidents that occur that are not Id love to see demos, screenshots, or any proof that is available(future or past) of false accusations to be able to address said situations. Now the timer.....The problem with the timer which I personally view as very helpful for the server it definitely has its flaws. Its purpose of being there to help cut down on it while admins are not present (or even just playing ourselves) is a great tool. Even with the timer though we do have a huge issue with camping and people still do camp heavily. I am in the same boat with Airit3ch on this one because if you have an idea I would love to hear it our discord is always open(PMs or channel).
  5. Hey, thanks for reaching out. I looked into your player file, and read your chat logs. And I agree that you were not being hostile, or disrespecting what so ever our admins or Murkdd himself. And no, this behavior from our administrators isnt expected, nor appreciated what so ever, and will not be tolerated. I talked to Murkdd directly and explained the situation and the forum post and he did admit that he was in the wrong and that his behavior was completely out of line. He should be apologizing shortly. People like you that come directly to us with feedback, especially in great dept of detail and showing nothing but respect is greatly appreciated, and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for coming here respectfully, and with great tone. As far as the camping issue goes: The anti camp script is something that I implemented almost from day one of the server, the main point of the script was to catch people who stay in one spot for too long, It looks at a players spot, creates a small geological circle from there position, and determines when they move outside of it, and declares them camping and or not camping. I can see the bugs you speak of, if a player is typing, or crawling, there could be an issue. The camping that I define, and why the script was created, was people sitting in one spot for too long. That is it, controlling an area, moving around an area, is not necessarily defined as camping. I guess it's also a flaw to have administrators determine what is camping and what is not at there own discretion, however, most if not all of our admins have the experience in playing the game to know what we as a group would define as a camping - I am sure this gets abused some times, just like a police officer sometimes abuses his power and goes untouched, I'm sure the same things happen here, and unfortunately, there is no preventative measure for this unless people come forward, or vigorous log checking. As far as moving forward with these anti-camp script issues, id love for you to get in contact over discord to discuss some potential fixes or new things to implement. Thanks Airi
  6. Good day to everyone reading this. I hope you are well. My player name is Shaun. I have been playing on this server almost every day, for close to 4 months now (was previously CBP|Shaun, until something happen to reset my whole game) Basically I'm here to lodge a complaint on one of the admins, who today after I asked a perfectly reasonable question (perhaps misinterpreted as text does not convey tone), asked in a very respectful manner, was then immediately treated with complete disrespect and pretty much attacked (yea I know, attacked via COD chat, whoaaa!) and insulted. I mean this admin is even younger then I am... disgraceful. Now my first question is, to whoever owns this server (Airit3ch if I'm not mistaken), you seem to be a rather fair dude, which I can respect. Does it not concern you that an admin or two, would act in such a manner, that... a) is unprofessional. b) is completely disrespectful towards other, respectful and fair players who are just here to have fun. c) does not uphold any kind of the core values that an admin should uphold to be seen as fair and to be admired/respected? The issue revolved around the camping rules of the server. And before you shrug this topic off, just hear me out. Firstly, no, I don't like to camp nor do condone camping, I find to be lazy and inefficient (in most cases) as well as the fact that it irritates almost everyone. And to be fair you cant really camp on the server before a warning pops up prompting you to move in the next 10 seconds. But there in lies the unclear part and why I asked the admin to ask the other admins to revisit the definition of camping. For you see, if you open the chat console and you are typing just a little too long, you get killed for camping. (you can't move while you typing so that's a little unfair) like I get getting kicked for afk but really, typing too long. Also, and the point I brought up to the admin was... if you are in a tight situation and don't want to be killed (we all know K/D ratios are important to players and a good test of our skills) and the only way out is to crawl to safety... crawl too long and you get killed for camping (and I only know this because I tested it once... literally, once.). But wait, why? When you crawling for lets say 20 meters, you not necessarily camping, as you not remaining in the same spot. And there are a few reasons as to why one would need to crawl for so long. apart from the example i used, there is to sneak up behind people (especially if they are camping the only way to get to them is by crawling) and I'm sure you can think of a few times it could be useful. Now with that in mind I was accused by the admin of wanting to slow the game down (NO, the game goes on with or without my crawling involvement) and was also accused of camping to which I asked the admin to spec me, which he did, and low and behold he could no longer accuse me of camping cause I don't camp. Now yes he could accuse me of having the aim of a potato (which I found funny) and that I'm not as good as he is... sure. But bare in mind my ping is around the 300 mark. not in the double or, like Airit3ch, single digits. If my ping was that low sure, I'd also be doing a lot better. But the comments, and insults coming from this admin, just go to show he is arrogant, has no understanding of the fact, that there are parts of the world where internet is not as privileged as other parts like the USA (yet we all still enjoy playing some COD), and not everyone sits their parents basement, being pampered and having every little need catered to, like Eric Cartman in the South Park episode "make love, not warcraft"... and saddest of all is that it is clear this admin is drunk with whatever power he thinks being a server admin brings him. I mean try having a wife with a net worth of over US $40million... now thats power, yet I try be as modest and kind to people as possible. Remember one thing... never ask for respect... it is earned. I think I speak for most people and players out there when I say, we all just want to come online, have fun and maybe make a friend or two. Nobody likes coming on and fighting with everyone cause others are just so toxic. And when an admin comes on, that admin is supposed to, and should be expected to uphold a certain sense respect and justice. He/she should be able to listen to others and treat them respectfully (unless they clearly hacking, in which case ban away) and I'm sorry, but this admin does none of that. I'm just happy that he did not ban me for being "disrespectful", cause in all fairness, he deserves it. Anyway guys sorry for the long boring message. Just hope you take it into consideration, and I will take donating into consideration. Kind Regards. Shaun.
  7. We're sorry, there is never an exception for hacking or a good excuse for it. Unfortunately, for this reason, the ban will stay.
  8. I was playing gun game and these two hackers were shooting me through the wall and they kept doing it constantly like as soon as i spawned the killed i never got to leave my spawn so i went online and i got some chams hack and i download it then started shooting them through the wall to show them how it feels. I understand what i did was wrong and it is breaking the rules. I was banned 2/05/20 it said i was banned for hacking My Ip is 192.168
  9. In-Game Name: chastermtnskiier Age: 17 Location: Washington State, USA Do you use discord?: Yes Have you already joined our discord?: Yes Do you have any experience moderating servers?: Yes, but not COD4 Do you have any experience with B3?: No Have you been in any other Clans/Gaming Community/Organizations before?: Yes Why do you want to join RoS?: I really only enjoy a few games and cod4 is one of them and gun game is one of the only servers I play. You guys are really fun and active people to talk to and play with.
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  11. Thx homie, didn't realize you own half the good servers on here lmaooo, im a toxic dota player but im not saying shit on here anymore
  12. Looks like an admin investigated your chat logs and found these records of you saying "nigger". https://gyazo.com/1528c111295da46581ead8b7b25a5932 Unbanned, please refrain from using racial slurs in our servers. Especially with a name like "Black Pride" For future reference, everything is monitored and stored on our servers, from chat logs to everything else.
  13. In Game Name: Black Pride 2: A Film Noir GUID: Shouldn't need it to find me Half of IP Address (If you cant find your GUID ONLY! : 88.189 Date Banned: 12/14 12/15 ?? Listed reason for ban: "nigger" Why do you think you were banned unreasonably?: Came on after work and banned randomly, dont remember even saying nigger on the server. If I did, my bad and it won't happen again, but I don't understand why im perma-banned immediately. I only go on these servers so i'd appreciate an un-ban/warning.
  14. you're good, no problem. see ya around
  15. Unbanned! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  16. Hey! Sorry about the false ban. I merely did so as a precaution while we reviewed the demo. Airit3ch and I can definitely confirm you are not hacking. We're sorry about the inconvenience man I hope to still see you around!
  17. @Murkdd is the admin who banned you under suspicion, I believe he has sent me the demo! I'll check with him on how the process is going.
  18. Hey guys, got temp banned a day ago. Don't really know if youre looking into it or if I should wait 2 weeks. In Game Name: Rollirouland GUID: 2310346616003809962 Date Banned: think it was the first dec. Listed reason for ban: temp bann WH suspicion Why do you think you were banned unreasonably?: Well, dont think I'm a hacker lol.
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    Yes, every gaming community needs posts like this in it ^
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  21. Thank you I'm playing gun game now 😁👍
  22. Unbanned, our echelon shows no sign of any actual admin kicking you, and wallhacking cunt is the default reason for part of the shitty anti cheat plugin that I installed without reading the source code, apologies 🙂
  23. In Game Name:TannerDoesGaming GUID: N/A Half of IP Address (If you cant find your GUID ONLY! :198 Date Banned: 8/27/2019 Listed reason for ban:wallhacking cunt Why do you think you were banned unreasonably?: I was on a killstreak and got banned so either anti cheat is garb or admin is...
  24. You come with a recommendation from diefy so I will be reaching out to you on discord 🙂
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