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New Bolt Server & OITC Server Moved

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Hello! As it has been talked about for awhile, the bolt server has finally been released for testing!

Its IP:

GameTracker Link: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

As well as the OITC server has been moved to our chicago VPS:

New IP:

GameTracker Link: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/


And here is a list of features / general information about the new bolt server:

With this script, its pretty much impossible to spawn with any weapon that isnt a bolt sniper. It works by seeing what your class choice is, and if its not a bolt sniper, it will replace it with a M40A3 with digital camo and display a kill-feed message telling you that you selected a class with a weapon that is not allowed. If you select a gun that is allowed, it will let you keep that gun with that camo. M40 and R700 are allowed, as well as ACOG sights. If for some reason somebody does spawn with a gun thats not a bolt sniper, it will do 0 damage, and kill them if they hit somebody, but again, I think its impossible.

All secondary weapons are taken, and you are given a gold desert eagle that has no ammo, for weapon switching.

If you make contact, meaning if your bullet penetrates the walls and touched somebody, no matter what, the snipers will do 500 damage so it will kill them. Snipers will always do 500 damage if contact is made for an insta kill anywhere on body.

FPS - FOV Commands

No Flash Grenades or Frags

All perks are taken, then you are given Bandoiler, Sleight of Hand, and Steady Aim.

Removed scope sway,  so when you are aiming down sight, your scope does not sway around. although it appears to be a little buggy, some spawns you may have scope sway.

Knife is disabled, you can still knife, but it will not do any damage to players or show a hitmarker.

High XP - 500 per kill

Hardcore hud, with the same gungame bottom hud showing guid, accuracy, and KD.

Accuracy Hud - shows your accuracy on a percent level of 100. Tracks your every shot.

Removed airstrike and heli, for 3 - 5 -7 killstreak you will get a UAV, you can call it in if you want.

Final Kill Cam

Win stats will show on killfeed, for the amount of times that you have won.

There is no custom endgame on this or map vote, the map rotation is killhouse only, and the endgame will show the top three players in default text, then the final kill cam, then the lobby which has a timer of 15 seconds. Depending on thoughts and views, if a version 2.0 of the bolt server happens, i can include a custom endgame, maybe map vote and final kill cam.

As always if you have any recommendations or thoughts, post below!


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Might i add a suggestion, instead of an empty secondary, give the player both M40 and R700...

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@Murkdd @Oof Unfortunately it changes the animation for double weapon switching. That’s the reason I don’t do it. The animation changes and I think it looks ugly. Plus, if you wanna use a R700 you can just switch classes to a R700 and use that. I may add a command !r700 that would give players and make them spawn with the R700 if they didn’t have a class already set up. 

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