RoS Gaming Community


RoS Gaming is a community that is based around highly skilled players with great personalities. Our servers became a safe haven for skilled players to not get banned by immature admins and countless hackusations. All of our Call of Duty servers have been custom scripted by us in house to give a unique, fun, and anti-noob experience. We’ve grown from just a small poorly coded Gun Game server into three various servers that people love and enjoy playing on. You wont get killed by a noob tube or the occasional claymore in any of them 🙂

RoS Gaming is a community that grew and evolved into some sort of family. We only invite players to join the community after they’ve already kind of became apart of the family. 

If you would like to chat, report a player, or need a question answered quickly, join the discord!


Want your own game server?

We currently offer game server hosting and web hosting! Our main hosting location is Atlanta GA, but we can reserve another location for a custom order. Our hosting comes with web panel access to control your server, bleeding edge hardware, unlimited bandwidth and traffic, free redirects for file downloads, and one of the best Unlimited DDoS Mitigation Service currently available. All at a price that cannot be beaten by any major hosting company. We can setup and host any game server that’s publicly available to be hosted on Linux. Custom configurations and set ups are allowed.

The best way to inquire about game hosting is to join our discord and contact a head admin. You can also select the hosting button above and inquire that way!

Unban Request Form

Have you been banned and believe that it was unreasonable? Please fill out the Unban request form and provide all the required information, and please wait 10 days for a response.