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  1. Hey, thanks for reaching out. I looked into your player file, and read your chat logs. And I agree that you were not being hostile, or disrespecting what so ever our admins or Murkdd himself. And no, this behavior from our administrators isnt expected, nor appreciated what so ever, and will not be tolerated. I talked to Murkdd directly and explained the situation and the forum post and he did admit that he was in the wrong and that his behavior was completely out of line. He should be apologizing shortly. People like you that come directly to us with feedback, especially in great dept of detail and showing nothing but respect is greatly appreciated, and a breath of fresh air. Thank you for coming here respectfully, and with great tone. As far as the camping issue goes: The anti camp script is something that I implemented almost from day one of the server, the main point of the script was to catch people who stay in one spot for too long, It looks at a players spot, creates a small geological circle from there position, and determines when they move outside of it, and declares them camping and or not camping. I can see the bugs you speak of, if a player is typing, or crawling, there could be an issue. The camping that I define, and why the script was created, was people sitting in one spot for too long. That is it, controlling an area, moving around an area, is not necessarily defined as camping. I guess it's also a flaw to have administrators determine what is camping and what is not at there own discretion, however, most if not all of our admins have the experience in playing the game to know what we as a group would define as a camping - I am sure this gets abused some times, just like a police officer sometimes abuses his power and goes untouched, I'm sure the same things happen here, and unfortunately, there is no preventative measure for this unless people come forward, or vigorous log checking. As far as moving forward with these anti-camp script issues, id love for you to get in contact over discord to discuss some potential fixes or new things to implement. Thanks Airi
  2. We're sorry, there is never an exception for hacking or a good excuse for it. Unfortunately, for this reason, the ban will stay.
  3. Looks like an admin investigated your chat logs and found these records of you saying "nigger". https://gyazo.com/1528c111295da46581ead8b7b25a5932 Unbanned, please refrain from using racial slurs in our servers. Especially with a name like "Black Pride" For future reference, everything is monitored and stored on our servers, from chat logs to everything else.
  4. Unbanned! Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. @Murkdd is the admin who banned you under suspicion, I believe he has sent me the demo! I'll check with him on how the process is going.
  6. Unbanned, our echelon shows no sign of any actual admin kicking you, and wallhacking cunt is the default reason for part of the shitty anti cheat plugin that I installed without reading the source code, apologies 🙂
  7. You come with a recommendation from diefy so I will be reaching out to you on discord 🙂
  8. Responding here just to put into the "public" for anyone else having the same issue, although I'll be in contact with you in discord ill pretty much copy and paste my discord message I sent to you. "Yes its a common issue we've been having with our hosting provider. Sometimes its blocking packets from certain users in certain locations from certain ISP providers. Its part of its DDoS mitigation that still learning how packets come and go from our network." Basically to put it in laymen terms for anybody who doesn't really understand that, is our hosting provider has a really impressive DDoS mitigation network. But sometimes it will flag your IP and refuse packets from your specific IP because for some reason it saw an irregularity and thought it was getting DDoSed, the process to get the IP address moved from the blacklist to the whitelist, is usually incredibly time consuming and tedious process which may or may not end in a failure, however, eventually the IP will be moved from a blacklist to a whitelist, but that time frame is unknown. I would estimated anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Whatever the irregularity is, even when switching IP addresses it will catch the same irregularity and put it on the blacklist as well. The issue is uncommon and rare, and no known trigger at the moment.
  9. Play? if by play you mean ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE then yeah i do.
  10. @crumps Thank you for the compliment! So much work has gone into the gungame server, trying to make it best one around that everyone can enjoy! A lot of tweaking, changes, bug fixes and more, as well as a lot of help from the community and the organization! It feels very nice to be appreciated, and we thank you for it!
  11. @Hello There Yes, the call of duty community has been toxic. And no, our policy is not to ban on immediate suspicion of the player hacking, but @Clash and the entire CoD4x community at the current time does have a fair excuse. When CoD4x was first developed it broke all of the cheats from 1.7 vanilla version. After one or two cheats got developed, they were still detected with screenshots. All we would have to do if we suspected somebody of cheating was check the screenshots, and that was a 100% guarantee to show if they were hacking or not. That was up until about a two weeks ago when a hack got released that is not detected on screenshots. Since about 2 weeks, we have had dozens, and I mean dozens of people with aimbot, AND obvious wallhack, that were not detected on screenshots. This has put the entire community on edge, not just us, everyone, about who exactly is cheating. We have never given green lights to admins to ban people for cheating UNTIL an undetected cheat was released, which hopefully gets broken with a future CoD4x update, if they are going to even push one out. Although, here is the thinking behind banning first and waiting for an appeal. If you were cheating, and got banned for wallhacking and or aimbot, chances are you are going to think that you got caught somehow, and probably have been banned from many servers before, and you are not going to take the time to post an unban appeal, when you dont know whether you actually got caught or not. Is it a sure fire way, no, do we have better options? Yes, do those options require a lot of time and resources that we might not have in all situations? Absolutely. Heres the other thing: Its a CoD4 server. The game is over 10 years old. There is no written rules or laws and regulations that we have to follow in order to ban anybody. It is at our discretion whenever we feel that it might be necessary. Is that 100% fair? No. Do we try and do the best that we can to make sure that all bans are justified? Yeah, we do. That power trip you are talking about, "hot blooded people who enjoy their power brought by their high position" We are not that, but even if we are, it doesn't really matter. Like I said, its a fucking CoD4 server. "You dont even talk to people you just kick them out" - Do you really think somebody is going to confess to cheating? "Maybe next time you'll talk to people before just banning them, I really hope so !" - See above statement. "but it's also out of respect that I didn't show the name of the admin." - Our B3 bot does all the administration. Admins might be the one typing the chat commands, but B3 is the one who sends the kick/ban command to the server. I'm pretty sure if you even just use the RCON password to kick somebody, the admin ID wouldn't necessarily be true. I think thats only there for if an admin uses the build in administration commands from CoD4x, which is trash. Just more of an FYI than anything else. "It's not like a video game is important so I don't really care about one server banning me." - Couldn't have said it better myself! Although if we really do ever mis-ban somebody, we will do our best to take care of the situation. "The truth is it looks like 99% of the Call of Duty community is so toxic as to insult somebody who's winning" - Couldn't agree more! The main reasons for me in particular to start an organization was because there was NO place for good players to go without getting accused of hacking, and then banned for hacking. I've been playing this game since released, and even played it semi-professionally when there was local lan's hosted in the USA. Any decent player in other servers immediately gets called a hacker by bots, and chances are the admins are gonna ban a good player, whether they get triggered by the players good aim, or sound whoring, We've all been there. RoS I would like to think is actually different, all of the administrators in our community are incredibly good players. I couldin't tell you one admin that we have that plays poorly, or is somebody who I would consider a "bot". Our servers no matter what game we ever migrate to, will always be friendly to good players. Having good players draws other good players to the community, one where even if some bot on the server is calling you a hacker, we will always have your back if you are playing fair. We have had countless players bring it to our attention that this is the first server that they can play on and not be banned by a horrible admin, just for being good. And yes, this might seem hypocritical in your situation, but then again I wasn't the one who banned you, and I didnt get to see you play. Like I tried to make a point, our entire community is on edge at the moment, with the first undetected cheat becoming popular. "One last thing : did you really plan to apologize ? " - Yes we really planned to apologize. Exhibit A - https://ros-gaming.com/index.php?/topic/8-unban-appeal/ Coroner was playing, and we were having a problem finding screenshots, so I told @StarBoy** to ban him for 1 day so that we could find the screenshots, and we did, and he was clean. So we apologized for the inconvenience and unbanned him right away. He is now part of our community, and a senior administrator. I have no problem playing nice, the most simple way of handing this situation would of been to post a proper unban appeal, which we would have investigated immediately, and unbanned you and apologized for the inconvenience, but instead, you wanted to play the sarcastic game, and try to be a douchebag about it, when somebody trying to do a job made a honest mistake. Spaghet the fuck out of here with the bullshit.
  12. Wow! A whole 6 seconds to find out this information: Name: TerminaT IP: GUID: 2310346613868741746 You're so clever, I almost couldn't find out who you were! not. You're also so smart to realize that you had a poor ping, i'm not sure why, could it be that you're from fucking FRANCE? ACROSS AN OCEAN? I think that might be the reason not totally sure tho.. Anyways, I wasn't the one who banned you, @Clash was so i'll let him respond. PS: You are really bad a hiding your identity.
  13. @Murkdd @Oof Unfortunately it changes the animation for double weapon switching. That’s the reason I don’t do it. The animation changes and I think it looks ugly. Plus, if you wanna use a R700 you can just switch classes to a R700 and use that. I may add a command !r700 that would give players and make them spawn with the R700 if they didn’t have a class already set up.
  14. If you'd like to be un banned, please go to the correct forum (Ban Appeal), and fill out an application to get unbanned by following this post:
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