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  1. First off I am going to straight up apologize for the miscommunication, I was sincerely in the wrong here. When you asked the question I took it as in throwing shade at our other admins as in they are incompetent and did not know what they were doing. My reaction was based off of it being as an attack towards our admin team as a whole which I take pretty seriously because I really do value the rest of the members of RoS as a family and will always stick up for them. Now that this is out of the way I am going to address my outlook on the camping issue as well. Unfortunately the definition of camping is largely up to the individual that is addressing the situations. Obviously some are more heavily adamant about what is camping what is not etc because of it being an "opinionated topic". Now our admin team are made up of very incredible players in my opinion so generally I do trust their decision making on their behalves on what is happening but I will agree is definitely abusable. If there are incidents that occur that are not Id love to see demos, screenshots, or any proof that is available(future or past) of false accusations to be able to address said situations. Now the timer.....The problem with the timer which I personally view as very helpful for the server it definitely has its flaws. Its purpose of being there to help cut down on it while admins are not present (or even just playing ourselves) is a great tool. Even with the timer though we do have a huge issue with camping and people still do camp heavily. I am in the same boat with Airit3ch on this one because if you have an idea I would love to hear it our discord is always open(PMs or channel).
  2. Hey! Sorry about the false ban. I merely did so as a precaution while we reviewed the demo. Airit3ch and I can definitely confirm you are not hacking. We're sorry about the inconvenience man I hope to still see you around!
  3. Hello! Thanks for considering putting in an application to RoS-Gaming, unfortunately we're not recruiting at this time. Hopefully we will see you on the server again soon! Sincerely, Murkdd
  4. So who else plays forknife?
  5. Hell yeah man! Hope to see you in game soon!
  6. The 10 ping dream 😉 Awesome thank you ! 😄
  7. In Game Name: Murkdd Age: 24 Location: IL, USA Do you use discord?: Yes Have you already joined our discord?: Yes Do you have any experince moderating servers?: No Do you have any experince with B3?: No Have you been in any other Clans/Gaming Community/Organizations before?: No Why do you want to join RoS?: I play here all the time and love the server :D
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